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Preparing for a Transformation in Higher Education

In a matter of weeks the world has changed and coronavirus (COVID-19) has dictated how education is delivered around the world. Colleges and universities had to shut down in the interest of safety and traditional classrooms have moved online. Anyone with a laptop and internet access can now learn from the best from around the world. Learning cooking, music or even data science is now accessible with a few clicks. A few years from now we'll look back and realize we just lived through the biggest revolution in education, in a 100 years!

This Website is a guide through this uncharted territory. At Great Learning, we have been delivering high quality online and blended Post Graduate Programs and Degrees for 7+ years now with our academic partners such as Stanford University, UT Austin, Great Lakes Institute of Management, PES University, among others. More than a 100,000 learners have completed our courses from 80 different countries and given us feedback of over 4.5 / 5.

Since learning online removes all geographical boundaries, learners will benchmark their teachers and colleges against the best in the world. This also means that if you do a good job, you will succeed at a national or even international level, bringing success to yourself, your department and your college / university - leading to better career outcomes, brand recognition and of course enrolments.

This resource has been created for a College Faculty or Head of Department or Principal / Vice Chancellor / Chancellor or anyone who is interested in Higher Education during this online revolution.

Advantages of Online Learning for students:

  • Flexibility to learn anytime, matching the learner’s unique needs

  • Easy accessibility from anywhere

  • Cost effective

  • Wide range of courses and options to learn

  • Safety in the current COVID scenario

While there are many benefits for online learning for both the student as well as the faculty, it is not easy to deliver high quality learning online.

Challenges of Delivering High Quality Learning Online:

  • Learning about various technologies (Live teaching, LMS, Lecture Capture…) that are to be used

  • Integrating them for a seamless experience

  • Sustaining motivation and engagement when remote

  • Preventing cheating and plagiarizing during exams

  • Delivering career outcomes

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