How to

Teach Online Effectively

A Guide to using technology to impart high-quality learning experience online

Most teachers worldwide have been forced to adopt online teaching overnight but teaching online effectively is not the same as using a video conferencing tool and replicating what you do in a classroom. There are several nuances that go into teaching effectively online. Following is a guide to introduce you to them.

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Dr. P.K. Viswanathan

Professor of Analytics at Great Lakes Institute of Management

Top 10 Analytics Academicians in India (AIM)


How to teach online effectively

(Great Lakes Case Study)

Learn from the Great Lakes Institute of Management - one of the most prestigious business schools in India and its transition to online programs. 

This session will cover among other topics:

  • How to transition from a classroom mode of delivery to an online learning environment

  • How to effectively plan and structure an online curriculum and session

  • How to keep students engaged and motivated when they are remote

  • How to get feedback and act on it

  • Some precautions to take and tips to be successful

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